How to get pressure sensitive buttons?
Is this even possible? I've tried searching for information on this forum but I've found no clear answer.

I got myself a PS2 -> USB adapter today and have been trying to get it working. Everything is working fine, except the pressure sensitive buttons. I'm using MGS2 as a test, holding the gun in FPS view and slowly releasing SQUARE so the gun is put away without firing.

I've tried multiple drivers (some from dealextreme) and also just the plain windows ones (I'm using W7 64).

I've tried Lillypad 10 and SSSPX Pressure Mod (with this the SQUARE button didn't even work!)

Am I on a fools errand or did I just get a dud PS2->USB adapter?

Thanks for any help, sorry for being a noob Sad

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Not all "PS(X/2) to USB" adaptors have pressure sensitive capabilities.

Mine, a Mayflash Super Dual Box pro, only support TWO pressure-capable buttons.

You might also get lucky and just need to find out what the pressure axis' are set to in your "Control Panel". Search for "Game" while in the control panel to get quick access to it.

Last thing you can do, is check your manual for your usb adaptor and see if it has anything about supporting said buttons, and a webpage for updated drivers for the adaptor. If there's only Vista drivers for that device, you can probbably install it as Win7 and Vista are pretty similar for drivers.
PCSX2 don't seem to support this. (someone want to prove me wrong, please do) my PC pad is pressure sensitive but bouncer does not react any differently no matter how I act with my pad
Did you try Lilypad, and when setting the button you want, and change the sensitivity and/or Dead Zone sliders (or even the dropdown box above sliders)? I'm pretty sure most adaptors use an Axis just like the sticks.
I'm not using an adaptor. I'm using a USB PC pad
Any idea where I could find an adapter that will allow me to have some pressure sensitive buttons? I really only need one to work for the MGS games I think.
lillypad supports them it seems. works for Death by Degrees anyway. (press halfway to aim, harder to shoot.. yadda yadda. it worked for that)
Yup you can change the sensitivity in LilyPad. I made a 2nd 'O' button with 0.5 Sensitivity for Star Ocean 3 (Dragon Flute) Since I play with a keyboard Smile

Look at this picture:

[Image: 6gy2b6.jpg]

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