How to get sharp, pixel to pixel correct picture?

It's been a long time I am trying to setup PCSX2 to show me a "genuine" picture. I mean I try to set GSdx's D3D internal resolution the way it doesn't resize/resample the frame and show it exactly as it is.
I am talking about the sharp edges of polygons - the way they look on PC without antialiasing.

Is it possible?

I know I can set 1024x1024 resolution with a multiplier of 6x, but it's slow and doesn't look sharp (also this is not antialiasing (or multisampling), it is supersampling, which works by rendering into a big frame buffer and then shrinking the frame to a viewport size).

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Running fullscreen with GSDX's internal resolution set to whatever your monitor resolution is is probably as close as you're going to get. I don't believe any of the graphics plugins are equipped to do what you want directly, and if they are I've never seen it.

If you work out a combination that works the best, post it and screenshots.
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...also, I believe 1024x1024 is not what you will get if you use scaling with a 6x multiplier. You will set the int res to 6 times the native res (ignoring whatever you put in the int res bracket) -which is 36 times the amount of pixels. (so of course it's slow).
(03-21-2010, 04:25 PM)gsoda Wrote: ...also, I believe 1024x1024 is not what you will get if you use scaling with a 6x multiplier
I wrongly written this. All I meant was: I know I can set very high internal resolution with 6x multiplier, but this is not what I want Smile

Also, seems like there is something like a bug in GSdx or PCSX2. When I switch to fullscreen (my desktop resolution is 1280x1024) with scaling set to 4:3 in PCSX2 (in order to do letterbox because my monitor is not 1280x960), there is a single pixel, black line on the right and on the bottom. This is bad, because scaling is not correct. It should fill the whole 1280x960 area, not 1279x959. The devs should know about it.
Eh, we know about any scaling / resizing issues, and none of them include a single pixel bad line.
Screenshot please.
Also, if I understood you correctly, you want the original PS2 look?
Use software rendering with GSdx then.
You want 1:1 pixel ratio?

In my case I used 4:3 aspect ratio and in my widescreen 1440x900 monitor it means black bars, so I had to set my custom internal resolution to 1200x900 to get the 1:1 pixel (in your case it would be 1280x960), you could use stretch aspect ratio and set the internal resolution to the same as your fullscreen resolution. No idea how that works in windowed mode.

If you mean something else please try to explain better and with screenshots if possible Tongue
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