How to improve the graphics
The game runs smoothly, but the quality of the image is poor. How do I make it look better? It seems quite blurry, and I know ps2 graphics weren't great but I don't remember it looking this bad

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Increase internal res, and use FXAA.
but keep in mind it will need a good GPU
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Set 2x or 3x native resolution . Enable shade boost put all three sliders to 60%.

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Myself, I just disable texture filtering and put a different resolution. For 4:3 games I use 1024x768, for 16:9 games or 4:3 games with 16:9 hacks I use 1024x600. Some games I've noticed will actually take advantage of higher resolutions than the PS2's native resolution, such as Odin Sphere.
use post processing shaders.
SweetFX or this GSdx Shader makes the image look more eyecandy.

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