How to increase FPS rate?
So, my friend was interested in giving PCSX2 a try, so i set it up for Him - everything is okay, only the FPS is pretty low.

He was playing GTA LCS, for most part it was only 17 - 20 fps .

His PC specs are:

CPU - i7 2600 @ ~3.4ghz
GPU - HD 6950 2GB
RAM - 8gb
MB - Intel DP67BA

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GTA LCS does not work well at all with PCSX2, especially on HW rendering, but it is also slowish on SW rendering.

Play on SW rendering (press F9 ingame) or, as I would recommend, play a different game.
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try running it at DX9 rather than DX11 if need be
You should overclock that processor.
It'll be safe to do, in case your friend would worry.
(Just don't touch the BCLK)

It will also make a difference where it counts.

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