How to install PCSX2
I recently resetted (remove apps and settings but keep files and stuff) my computer to improve my performance. It is working good now, so after I resetted the computer, I installed PCSX2. However, it seems like it doesn't install like it usually does. The emulator installed, however, it says "You need to update some directx libarires". Am not sure why it does this, I have used PCSX2 before and I didn't have any issues like this. Also, when I press boot the emulator, it won't show. It won't show the gameplay, the only thing it does is show the menu sound. How do I install PCSX2 properly, and also how do I see the actual gameplay?

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install dx redist and the aio vc in my sig
I know about the dx redist, but will it make PCSX2 work? It's a lot of files and am not sure if it'll make it work. Aio vc? What does that mean?
DirectX is needed for nearly every pc game and program that uses directx
Aio vc means all versions of Visual C++ Redistributable...pcsx2 need the latest one and other programs need other versions

If you did used the installer version of pcsx2,pcsx2 should have suggested to install them during the instalation
Alrighty, so if I installed the DirectX End-User Runtime, would it still work with PCSX2?
(09-10-2016, 10:28 PM)EricsonKO88 Wrote: Alrighty, so if I installed the DirectX End-User Runtime, would it still work with PCSX2?

as long as it's the latest (redist from june 2010), yes
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I don't know why are you keep asking,directx is needed for tons of things including pcsx2.
Installing doesn't mean "installing directx=working pcsx2",there could be other factors that may prevent pcsx2 to work video drivers,Visual C++ Redistributable,audio drivers,ancient hardware that doesn't meet the minimum hardware requirements to run pcsx2 and so on

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