How to install pc mods onto pcsx2
Is there a way to install mods made for the pc version of a game onto the iso for pcsx2? If so how? Or does anyone know of any GTA San andreas mods/cheats (that aren't cheat codes) that i could use for the iso.
I think the games itself is in .nrg format if this changes anything

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Never heard of such a thing.
Modding is mostly a pc games story.
The fact you dumped your iso into .nrg format wont change anything IMO...
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There are a few mods for a handful of games out there, but console game modding isn't the easiest thing to do since the console has to be modded in some way such as a mod chip or exploit. In order to just play the games.
The PC or MAC doesn't require any hardware mods to make the games work. Since modding console games is much harder to do, most people didn't or don't bother.
PC mods do not work with console mods. For many reasons. Don't really want to get into them here.
Because the image was made with Nero Burning Rom won't change anything. If you do find a mod out there there are usually patch files which need to be applied and that's it.
Most mods out there are usually translations for rare Japanese games or games that are in a different language. Not usually anything fancier than that.
I remember several Xbox games had actual Trainers made for them, and some games were heavily modded. Granted, the Xbox was more like a PC than the PS2.

For a PS2 game, however, you may only find (at this point) isos which include the mods, not patches.
There are select mods for each game on PS2 and these need special tools for them and none of the ones I came across match the ones on the PC version. There is no game universal way to mod something. Also about GTAWackoA, nope, the files use a different endianness than the PC ones and nobody wills to do the effort converting them. On top of that you'd have to repack them and there is no packer for the kind of packs this games uses. I'd just go out and get the PC version that it's price is a joke these days and mod that.

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