How to keep memcards when installing new beta ?
Hello all,
I've been playing FF 12 on beta 1329 for a while now and it works very well but recently I'm seeing a very big dropdown with the framerate at random times. Its frequent and happens even when I'm idle.

I decided to try out beta 1474 so i took beta 1329 out of /Program Files/ and installed 1474 here. The game runs fine but cannot see the saved games, like if the memory card was empty.

Copying the memcards folder and copy the old beta inis didn't worked.
Any ideas ?

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Maybe too late to do this unfortunately but this might help you or anyone else with this problem.

Before installing beta 1474 I copied my memory cards that I have been using with the previous betas over to a different folder, specifically a new folder I created on the desktop. I went ahead and uninstalled Pcsx 0.9.6 and then installed beta 1474. After that I just moved my memory cards back over.

I did that before even installing 1474 just to make sure it didn't overwrite my memory cards or anything.

Do you still have your old memory cards saved somewhere?
Thanks for replying !

Yeah I got my whole old pcsx folder on the desktop with the memcards. When i launch this one, the game works fine as always and the saved games are here.

So if I'm following you here I have to completly uninstall Pcsx 0.9.6 and every beta in Program Files, make a clean install of 1474 and then move the memcard in the fresh install ?
Thats what I did. I copied my memory cards over to a different folder, uninstalled the official 0.9.6 release, then installed the beta, then moved the memory cards back.

I uninstalled the 0.9.6 release because I wasn't sure if I tried to install the beta without uninstalling the original program if my computer would read it as installing the same program twice, or they might conflict with each other or something.

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