How to load from CD
ok i just bought some PS2 games but how do i load the game from the CD to the emulator please?

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Use P.E.Op.S CDVD Plugin to start from game from DVD drive.

Remember to configure right by selecting right DVD-Drive. Select Caching mode that works best and other misc settings at your own fill Wink

Ps. Also this belongs to Support section.
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sorry its in the wrong section.

Ok yep, got it on the right drive it is F: But i click run cd/dvd but the pcsx2 console just dissapears and nothing happens. Sad
ok i managed to get the game going. Havent played yet, because loading it up it was just really slow. Is this because im loading it from the disc? Or are my settings incorrect?
The game is smackdown here comes the pain just to let you know
Mine works well but If your DVD drive really cannot read PS2 discs then probably I suggest you to make image from it and play it that way then when its saved on your hard disk.
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ok ive got the game going, but its really slow, and the d pad on the controller doesnt work for smackdown here comes the pain. Any suggestions?
Please Post your System Specs and Your Config's For Better Service =]
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Yeah I got mail but I can't really help without knowing your current plugins, configuration and your hardware. You know PCSX2 needs actually almost better hardware than Crysis if that helps you to comprehend Smile
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you can also try the EFP polling plug-in and has less setting.
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