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How to make a Cheat?
(08-15-2012, 06:58 PM)miseru99 Wrote: It's miseru not misaru;P.

You're still using 0.9.6 or upgraded to new one? If you upgraded, you can use the editor, which will make it easier for you. If you're using 0.9.6 I guess the condensed codes didn't worked at all back then(? lazy to check), soo I dunno how it worked for you in the first place;P. As long as you can run the 0.9.8 or later pcsx2 version even just at software rendering(as I understand you cannot in hardware?;]) you can use the editor on it, then save the game on memory card with your edited chars and then transfer that memory card to your 0.9.6 or any other version you use to play(including a real ps2 memory card to have such edited chars in the console;P).

Also the editor/trainer do have that code to win clashes, I called it "looser mode" couse instead of making it character to win(by setting any high amount which works badly unless you like constantly showing up combo number;], it makes character loose, soo just activate it to the opponent and you'll always win. That code for BT3 was actually easy it just stores the value that increases with moving the analog. If you're using my pnach for that, for 0.9.6 version you probably have to change "extended" to "word", here's the code, couse "extended" as I guess wasn't implemented(?) back then yet:

//Player 1
//Beam Power - small advantage above CPU /just 1 = more dramatic /2 or more difference = sure win
//Number of hits (it's stupid - will constantly try to show no. of hits, leave it unchanged or just freeze cpu hits as 0)
//Player 2
//Beam Power
//Number of hits
I also like to watch the fights xD, that's why this code of mine set's beam clash power of P1 as well;P, this makes the beam clash at the center instead of instant win, if you disable p1 part, the win will be faster:]. If the 0.9.6 refreshed the codes slower it could even make you loose;P, soo if that code doesn't make you win, disable P1 part completely.

Okay i will try the trainer but i also have another game Avatar The Burning Earth will post the details about that after i try the Sparking/Trainer
Lost in the Vastness of Mugen.

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Searching unknown codes for ps2 games doesn't really differ much from searching same for PC games, if you pass some basic Cheat Engine tutorials it will be much easier for you, through most games have already existing codes that you can usually find over the net and convert to pnach file format.

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