How to make it run better?
So I'd assume my computer should be good enough to run the emulator along with any games, yet it seems like it plays a little slower than the actual games should be. Anyone have any advice on what i can do to get my games to run better? Says it's running at 44 or so FPS usually, but it still seems slow.

My Computer specs:

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That CPU is a bit too weak for PCSX2. There's not much you can do but enable speedhacks. I wouldn't overclock a laptop, but that's up to you. Also, 44 FPS isn't enough for PS2 emulation. You'll want 60 FPS for full speed on NTSC and 50 FPS for PAL.
The ghz is quite low, so you will need to overclock where possible, stick to native resolution, and use EE timing and VU cycle stealing speedhacks. See this thread...
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Set power plan to high performance

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