How to play games by putting the cd in the disc reader?
Hej guys this is my first post here and i followed instructions how to download and everything works ;p now i'm finally ready to play games ;D but now my problem is that I don't download games (iso) ever s: it makes me feel like i'm doing illegal things.. so what i want to do is put my original CD in my macbook pro 13" (standard from summer '10) but from that step i don't have a single clue how to run it... i did some research and i couldn't find anything mac related.. and i'm not really good with all this computer stuff Sad unfortunatly ;(

Hope you can help me guys ...

a little side note
ps: will my mac be able to play the games? its just a macbook pro (standard version from summer/spring '10) i only play (ffx,ffx-2,ffxii,kh,kh2)

Again , thank you so much ;D and great job to the makers of pcsx2 Smile

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You are right, downloading the games is piracy. But the emulator benefits greatly from running directly from the HD, since you have the disc you can and should create an ISO from it and use it to play on PCSX2. The forum rules is not against it, by contrast, is the recommended procedure.
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Yeah you're so right ! but how could i do such a thing? make an iso of it? so I put in the disc and then? :s
And thanks for helping me out already nosisab K K Wink
Sorry, I'm not acquainted with mac software, let's let this answer for someone else, I'm sure a knowing answer will come soon.
Imagination is where we are truly real
OK Laugh thanks again
there's an answer in this post
Hej Patrick,
I don't know a thing about code :s how do I use that? :s
You'll need to run that command in a Terminal. You can find it in Applications -> Utilities

(I don't own a mac, just so you know)
Ok so i found it and when i use that code it says that there is no directory as such , i unmounted the disc succesfully and this :dd if=/dev/disk1 of=/path/to/dumped_iso/Shadow_of_the_colossus.iso doesn't work Sad PS i changed shadow of the coll... by Final_Fantasy_X.iso that's all
you'll need to change the path in the of= part of the command.

See if this command works:

dd if=/dev/disk1 of=~/Desktop/Final_Fantasy_10.iso

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