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How to play? lol
Hey guys,
I am new, I just finished setting up the emulator and I used one of my retail game to test, however, When I hit execute, I get that screen where I have to press a button in order to get in the game, anyway... It says to press circle or triangle, But I don't have a USB controller... I tried the mouse, I tried all the buttons on the keyboard but non of them worked...
also the PS2 controller isn't USB and I can't think of a way to plug it into my PC!
How am I supposed to play??
Excuse me if the answer is too obvious, I just couldn't figure out what to do!

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I guess you forgot the "configure controller" part
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(09-13-2010, 11:42 PM)jesalvein Wrote:

I guess you forgot the "configure controller" part

oh lol
I just read the BIOS part, I figured out the rest alone... didn't know they covered the controller Tongue2
excuse me Smile

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