How to put pressure sensitivity buttons/analogs on Xbox One controller?
I tried playing Socom 2 online yesterday and I quickly realized I can only move at full speed and the buttons aren't sensitive like the DS2. Is there a certain configuration you must put in the controller plugin settings? I tried using the search function but I couldn't find anything on the subject.


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Xbox controllers don't support sensitivity on the button pads.
(06-10-2019, 02:13 AM)pandubz Wrote: Xbox controllers don't support sensitivity on the button pads.

So If I were to plug in a DS3/DS4 , would I have to configure the sensitivity or is it ready to go?
Analog and trigger do support sensitivity on the 360 and XBox One controller, probably not in PCSX2, but it does outside that.
I noticed this playing Ace Combat 5. Yaw left/right has varying degrees of control through pressure sensitive L2/R2 on the Dualshock 2. Not an issue today with the XBone's trigger axies. But air-brake and thrust have varying degree of control through pressure sensitive bumpers (L1/R1), and the minimap has varying degrees of zoom through a pressure sensitive Square button. This XBox One controller I have doesn't seem to be mapping pressure sensitivity. I guess these controllers don't have the feature.
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