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How to recording gameplay from PCSX2
Which software is best for doing this?

I use Fraps at 60FPS. when I untick sync sound and video are too slow. the out put is slow motion gameplay.

when I tick syn checkbox, Video is very fast,but audio are slow as the same as untick version.

Which software do you use for recording gameplay of PCSX2?

sorry for my english. I am Thai.

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I personally use the built in recording tool of pcsx2 you can acces it by pressing F12 during gameplay there just specify codec and resolution also you need to specify the location where your vid will be saved (PS: Do not use uncompressed frames because 95% of the time it will crash the emulator)

You will get slow ass gameplay (faster if you have a good cpu) but the video that will be recorded will run at fullspeed.

after the recording is done just merge the audio file and video file with software like virtualdub and you're ready to go.

Fraps Works well too but the problem is its a frickin CPU HOG unless you have a quad core cpu i really c'ant recommend Fraps if you want to make vids of games running at fullspeed.
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You mean. I need to record Video and Audio Seperately. right?

is default gdx recorder record sound too?
if it not ,which software can record sound seperate from video?
If you use Gsdx and SPU2-x plugins they will automatically generate the audio and video files (you d'ont need additional recording software pcsx does it all),
you just have to merge them at the end ^^
Check my profile for System Specs (Updated).

My Youtube Channel: Dedicated to Anime, Gaming and Emulation.
Oh that's great. I will try.
I will report back the result. thanks
Can I ask something more?

I prees F12 to start recording, but if I want to stop recording which button that I need to press ?
F12 again
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Thank for help.
If you want to see my video here the link

Thank everyone. It's make my next video easier.
Just a random (but related) question about the audio and video files that are generated from the built-in recorder; how would one go about merging the two files (so they correspond)? Like if I wanted to upload them to youtube...
Use something like VirtuaDub to mux them together
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