How to recover save states
The situation is I was playing Persona 3 and recently switched my HDDs. When I transferring the memcard I find the most shocking truth that I haven't been saving to the memcard but by the quick save instead! Don't ask, I was stupid, that's why.
So wondering there's any chance I can recover those save states?
Oh and I kinda have many pcsx2 instances in my drive so there's any signature file I can search or some sort?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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it's not a stupid thing to do (i do it all the time, maybe because i'm a big cheating bxxxxxd Laugh)

first off you'll need to figure out which is the right save,
if you look here (<-for future reference)

(and search using googles find Ctrl +f(within that page), you'll eventually come across the serial number of your game )

( it appears your games serial is SLUS-21621 )

now you'll need to do a search for SLUS-21621 on your harddrives

if you have windows xp it could take a long long time Sad

if and i say if you played it on the latest stable build and not one of the many svn builds available, you will be able to just copy and paste the .p2s file into the stable build listed above,

if not you'll have to find the svn build you used last to play your game on by searching for SLUS-21621 (it will have a few numbers and possibly letters in brackets after the serial) and will be in a file called sstates Rolleyes

saddly sometimes (not all the time) you won't be able to take your savestates and put them in the latest svn builds

anyways if you did use an svn build and it was corrupted you might be able to find it here

if you can't see it there, pm me and i'll have a look to see if i have it,

remember ! don't ask me about bioses as it's against the rules, i can only reupload the actual emulator, any requests for my bios will result in you being ignored (sorry i had to get that out of the way)

as for recovering savestates (if your drive suffered a massive crash and won't boot) their are many types of recovery software out there (i'm not sure what the best type is or if i could mention any here) but because save states are reasonably sized (14-20 mb) you should be able to salvage them (personally i back my states up in loads of places such as memory cards etch)

if they are corrupted and you can't salvage them, you might be able to request one or two from another member here

i hope you can understand all that waffle Blush
Not sure what graphics card you have, it's memory bandwidth,
it's temperature, fan speed, what pixel shader it has
try TechPowerUp's gpu-z

Not sure what your cpu is try cpu-z
       (hint click on the highlighted links Biggrin)
Thanks man! Big helps! Laugh

Got those save states working again! And yes, I can understand all those "waffle", Smile) Anyway, appreciate the answer, did not expect it to be that long and detailed, you kinda surprised me right there.

And shout out to all the devs working on this emulator: "You guys rock!!! Best wishes for you all!:

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