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How to reset/reboot a game with a hotkey?
I'm currently playing kingdom hearts 2 final mix, and for some strange reason, squareenix decided to remove the ability to soft reset in the game (you now have to die or find a save point to reload) despite it being possible in the first installment. 

I'm curious, is there a way to hotkey a button to reset in pcsx2? I found a thread utilizing Autohotkey to do this exact same function, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. If anyone could point to what I'm doing wrong with Autohotkey, or show me an alternative solution to this problem, that'd be great.

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There are two reasons why autohotkey may not work
1.The code is searching for a window name that start with ''GSdx |'' and that was changed some time ago.Now the game window title don't start with GSdx |

PostMessage, 0x111, 129, 0, ,ahk_exe pcsx2.exe

2.Something in the pcsx2 code is changed and now that PostMessage is not executing the correct function.
I believe you're correct. I tested both your scripts on 1.2.1, and they both worked fine. However, on 1.4, the code seems to be incompatible now. For the time being, I might just go back to using one of the older builds to make use of the script.
One other way is like this
WinMenuSelectItem,ahk_exe pcsx2.exe,,System,Boot CDVD (fast)

but this works only if you use pcsx2 in english
I just tried it on pcsx2 1.4.0 and it worked
How odd -- for some reason I can't get it to work while the game window is active. I have to press ESC and only then will the script work.
Are you starting pcsx2 from with some command line or from some launcher?
If yes,try adding at the top of the code
but I don't know if that will work if you are using command line while starting pcsx2
No, I'm just using the standard pcsx2.exe. I've also updated to one of the latest betas from the Orphis buildbot.

Anyway, I've got the script working now by adding a basic send ESC line:
Send, {ESC}
WinMenuSelectItem,ahk_exe pcsx2.exe,,System,Boot ISO (fast)

I'm a complete amateur at this coding thing, so feel free to tell me if I'm introducing any problems by adding that line.

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