How to run FFX smoothly?
That site's "rating" is a very rough conversion to "p4-equivalent ghz" which is a meaningless number.

if you want to go with those terms, it would be better the other way around, and let's say that a 3ghz p4 has ~1 core2-ghz.

Your cpu is slow, because pcsx2 needs at least 2.5 core2-ghz, which in p4 terms, would be around 10+ p4-ghz of that site.

That's if ghz could be compared AT ALL, which they can't, so just believe us. I have a 3ghz Core2, and some games still run slow.

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I'm looking at upgrading my PC, and it'd be nice if I could get some decent emulation in the process...

I'm looking at this CPU
(Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz)

I was wondering if the fact that it's a quad would really have any effect on PCSX2 at all. (I mainly want to run FFX INT... so... that's why I'm posting it here.)

EDIT: while I'm at it..

the rest of my system... I'm getting 4 GB of RAM and a 512MB video card
Nope PCSX2 does not use more than 2 cores and will not for some time...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
But if I run it in Duel core mode... will it still be able to utilize two of the four? And... what kind of preformance boost would that give me?... I read somewhere that you'll need 3ghz to run most games decently, will two of the 2.5 ghz cores be good enough?
I said it won't use more than 2 cores.And '2' is not 'more than 2'.... Read the FAQ for what kind of PC you need.What you've read is that it needs about 3 Ghz Core 2 Duo.So your 2,5 Ghz (no it isn't 2x2,5Ghz,it's just 2,5 ) is less than that.You will get slowdowns in many games,but some will work ok
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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