How to see the current savestate?
Hi! How do I find out which is savestate? Well I click to choose f2 and nothing appears on the screen. I'm using the plugin SSE3 in software mode.

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You can only see it on the console log or the GSdx title bar
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I got it! I will to re-active the console window. Thanks!
(09-07-2012, 10:45 PM)rmcoder Wrote: I got it! I will to re-active the console window. Thanks!
In the console window you'd have to search for the savestate number, as the log contains lots of other things. So it's easier to just check the title bar of the main emulation window (== GSDX Window). The savestate number is always the info furthest to the right in this title bar, and you'll need a window setting of at least 704x528 to ensure its visibility. (Else it may be outside the right window edge and thus masked.)

Personally I prefer a window setting of 768x576 (with full screen at 1920x1200).

If you normally play in full-screen mode you can just press Alt-Return to switch temporarily into windowed mode, so as to check the savestate index, and then press Alt-Return again to get back into full-screen mode.

For me that's the most convenient way to handle savestates safely.

Best regards: dlanor
You could also double click rather than Alt+Enter and btw,if you enable less things(or disable all)to be added to the console,it will be a lot easier to find what you need

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