How to setup LAN (1.7.42 Nightly)
All the guides/video I found are mentioning WinPCap and a Plugin called DEV9ghzdrk (for internet play, but I guess they are needed also for LAN...)

However, in the new Qt PCSX2 1.7 it seems there is no way to use external plugins,
and there is already a Network & HDD section, so I guess we don't need WinPCAP + external plugin anymore?

I tried to setup GT4 for LAN,
in Network & HDD section I enabled Ethernet (Device Type: Socket, Ethernet Device: WiFi)
then I launch Gran Turismo 4 (USA v 2.00), one PC set for Host for 2 players, the other as a client.
When I go in Arcade Mode and select Multi LAN, it asks me to create a new connection. I create one and I leave everything on auto.

However both PC, host and clients, they just stays in the "Waiting for connection" screen without connecting and start the game.

Was someone able to make it work?

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We're trying to make it work now.

Real PS2 to PCSX2 v1.7.5764

Ours was stuck on waiting, then while in that screen, on the PCSX2, we changed the connection and it connects

Then the PC moves ahead and we can see both players connected

PS2 unfortunately goes black screen

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