How to setup pressure sensitivity with keyboard
Been a while since I've used PCSX2.  Probably around 2 years or better.  Anyways I'm trying out a game I haven't emulated yet, but I'm trying it out on Linux.  This game uses pressure sensitivity on the left analog stick, and it's 100% crucial to the game once you get a ways into it.  As I'm using a keyboard, I need a way to setup pressure sensitivity.  Whether it's just adding ctrl or shift to the walk key, or a toggle button, I don't care.  I just need some way to make it work; I'm not picky.  

Last time I used PCSX2, I was on Windows and it is my understanding that Lilypad has the capability to do this.  Well, I try to select Lilypad in the plugins list but I cannot open a settings dialog for Lilypad.  Furthermore, a .ini file doesn't appear in the /inis_1.4.0/ folder for Lilypad.  I read somewhere that Lilypad has keyboard support but it doesn't have a GUI interface so I was hoping I could edit a .ini manually or something.  Since Lilypad does appear in the list of plugins, I'm assuming there's some sort of port for it on Linux.  

That's one option.  The other option is setting this up to work with OnePad.  I can't find anything that says OnePad has support for pressure sensitivity, but I'm hoping there's a way.  

If that doesn't work, I'm 100% open to trying another alternative if one exists.  I tried googling around and searching this forum but I can't find anything even close to related to my issue. 

I've got a fresh install of PCSX2 on Arch Linux through the respository, and everything is at default settings.  I can post more info if I need to.  Sorry if I left anything out; I'm pretty tired right now.  Thanks for your help!

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So far, onepad ought to support pressure if the pad supports pressure.

Lilypad was juste a port tentative for myself. It is far from finish. I was to busy with GSdx.
Thanks for the response.

Maybe I was misleading in my questions, but I'm not using a pad but instead a keyboard. I understand a keyboard uses a digital signal and is incapable of doing sensitivity on it's own, but I'm wondering if there is a way to maybe use a combination of keys like shift + w, alt + w, etc to send a signal through PCSX2 as if it was a pressure sensitive pad. Now of course it won't have much of a variability in the pressure, but that's ok.

Let's say the pressure works in a scale from 1% to 100%. When I press W now, it's at 100%. My plan is so that when I press alt + w or whatever they keybind may be, I can now walk at 5% pressure forward. Something to that effect. I was hoping there was a built in method for OnePad but I'm guessing there's not. Are there any alternatives to OnePad out there? I was not able to find anything.
must be read, no pad pressure => no pressure support.

Everything is possible, reality is that number of linux dev is very limited and there are tons of issues. So pathes are welcome Smile
(03-21-2016, 06:33 PM)gregory Wrote: must be read, no pad pressure => no pressure support.

Everything is possible, reality is that number of linux dev is very limited and there are tons of issues. So pathes are welcome Smile

This isn't true with Lilypad, so why does it have to be this way for Onepad?  As I detailed in the OP, Lilypad can setup fake pressure input to get around this.  Why doesn't OnePad have this support?  

Regardless, I understand there's no way I could convince anyone to add this necessary function in just because of me so is there any way I could create a workaround?

I've also noticed that OnePad doesn't care about mouse movement until the mouse hits a border of the sceen... it doesn't auto recenter the mouse or anything. This is pretty terrible support for a FPS/TPS. There's gotta be an alternative. I can't (literally cannot) look down at all now. This makes it completely unplayable for me. KDE apparently doesn't interact too well with this. It doesn't matter if I remove the taskbar panel or not at this point. I can't look down at all in the game since the mouse leaves the PCSX2 window.

I'm appreciative of the fact that there is a Linux port out here but basic functionality is still necessary. The work on Lilypad coming to Linux was in February 2015 according to the date I glanced over. It would be nice if we could get that plugin ported over. I'm fairly certain that would fix all of my issues. I can't be the only one with these problems.

If there's an alternative to OnePad that still works on Linux that'd be great. I'm afraid I'm going to have to use WINE to run PCSX2 which is kind of crazy considering the Linux port has been out for a while. Oh well. Thanks for your help Gregory.
I don't have the same definition of basic functionality.

As I said, I started something on lilypad. But, I have only 1 brain and 2 arms. So I stopped the lilypad activity and pickup other higher priority task.

Mouse uses to work. Some people even uses a wiimote. Normally it must detect the delta between 2 position (except if the delta is too small).
I appreciate your work. I really do. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to sound like a pessimistic arrogant jerk who isn't grateful for what I already have. I just think that the Linux port has been out for long enough to have proper mouse support.

I understand it's not going to get any progress anytime soon (or ever probably), but in what state is Lilypad in as of now on Linux? You keep mentioning that you ported it for something small and it's lacking a lot of features, but not much else. Again, I'm not expecting to use Lilypad anytime soon. I'm just curious as to where it stands as of now. I read on another thread that it relies heavily on Windows API which is a pain to work with and makes porting even harder.

Quote:I don't have the same definition of basic functionality.

If lack of progress on PCSX2 in a certain functionality effects ALL FPS/TPS, then that's a pretty basic functionality issue. The mouse doesn't even move your crosshair until it hits the edges of the screen, and if you're on KDE you can't even look down. At all. This means in certain titles if you're looking up ONCE, you can't look down for the rest of the level until it resets your crosshair. This is unplayable and it's quite sad since it's a relatively easy fix compared to porting all of Lilypad over.

The pressure thing isn't 100% necessary for most games so of course that's not basic functionality. Mouse movement IS pretty basic though.

I can't even get PCSX2 to launch on WINE/POL. It won't launch after installing. DxWebSetup is crashing during the installation. I understand this isn't the best place to ask for help regarding WINE/POL issues. Just throwing this out there so someone else doesn't suggest it later unless they have a fix to go with it.

There really needs to be an alternative to OnePad, or it needs to have mouse support fixed to where it functions like any properly functioning mouse interaction would. I really don't want to have to boot to Windows when there's an official port of this emulator on Linux that's been around for a while... I'm going to try installing a different DE and hope that fixes the looking down issue. That still means the game will function very awkwardly for a FPS/TPS, but it'll at least be "useable." Further suggestions are appreciated.

Nope. No change with a new DE. The taskbar seems to prevent the mouse from hitting the border of the screen no matter what I do. It literally makes FPS/TPS impossible to play.
lilypad port is nowhere currently. I only manage to plug a basic detection of pad and keyboard. There are likely various bugs, and last but not least no GUI.

Could you try to use "shift + F12" it will lock input and mouse to the PCSX2 window. Maybe it will work better.
Darn.  You had my hopes up on that one.  Alt tabbing doesn't work when I do Shift + F12 but I still can't look down.  That's weird.  

Are there any other commands or settings like this that could be of use?

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