How to sync Persona 4 Intro FMV
Ive spent about 2 hours I still cant get it to sync, sometimes the sound plays then repeats other times it plays on time but skips and stutters.

What are the proper settings to have the sound play smooth and normal with no repeats.

I am using SPU2 1.1 or 1.9beta.

I have an AMD x2 4200 and a 8600GT.

Im on Direct3D hardware yet I dont see think the emulator is utilizing my GPU because the temps are still the same.

Over 30 frames should be no lag right in video/audio? I am hitting around 40-60fps.

Thanks In Advance.

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You need 50/60 fps to get full speed - normal playback of....everything.For you,it's 60fps since you said you get max 60 Tongue
If you can't maintain 50/60fps then it runs slower and you get skipping/stuttering and anything else you can think of.

Also,the EE sync hack at x2 (and x3 which is no longer available in the newest releases) can create audio problems.

the 30,25,24fps video speed has nothing to do with this,you're emulating 50/60 Hz aka 50/60 refreshes every second so if you get 30fps here that's effectively half speed.
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