How to transfer ps2 save from ps3 to pc
Yes i wasnt sure how to write the title XD Anyway long story short, today i copied my save files from my ps2 memory card to my ps3, now i want to use my FFX/KH2 saves on pcsx2 but im unsure how to use them! i've managed to export them from the ps3 onto a flash drive but they are in the .PSV format...and i've no clue how to get them to work with pcsx2 Sad anyone got any idea? thanks!

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using mymc, maybe ?
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Tried that, I click import but it wont import anything, no error message or anything, Sad
To add, i got it to work, but it will only import a file at a time, either way although i can move them to my pcsx2 memory cards, the games wont read them Sad
Read my guide(especially the last part)
Thanks, your guide is great, but i was doing what you said already Sad it still wont have none of it, i do exactly as your guide says to yet i cannot get it to work Sad
Upload your psv save here.
Well i dont know how to upload here, so i've used megaupload.

I've sent it you in a pm as this is a personal save i dont want the whole world having XD lots of grinding!
I know this is a save from the game you played on your PS3 but I just wanted to say it.

This save is for the PAL version of the game...inside the disk/image you must have a file named SCES_504.90

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What do you mean? im using the disk i used to play the game?

It worked! please explain what was i doing wrong?

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