How to transfer saves from Ps2 to PC
So I have a save file on my ps2 memory card that I want to be able to use on pcsx2. I have the save file on my flash drive but I don't know where to go from there. Is there a way to launch ulaunch.elf in pcsx2?

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It's easy. You will need PS2 save builder and mymc.
PS2 Save Builder:
First you need to get the save files from the PS2 which will be in a folder named BASCUS-97481GOWII or something like that. You will need ulaunchelf to do this and i assume you already did. Open PS2 save builder and drag the files in the folder into the save builder. On the root ID copy and paste the folder name or the name of a certain file inside the folder. Save it as an X-port 2 save which works most of the time. Now open mymc and open the mcd001.ps2 or mcd002.ps2 file and import the file you have created in the ps2 save builder then you're done
EDIT: You can also boot ulaunch.elf by opening up ps2 open the system and choose run elf...
It worked! Thanks alot!
Slight thread hijack, but how would i do this...being a bit new to this im abit lost XD

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