How to use Dualshock 3 as a pcsx2 controller
how can i use ds3 to play games using pcsx2? Is the method safe or will it damage my pc or ds3?
i heard that ds3's L2 and R2 are analog triggers instead of ds2's pressure sensative buttons. will that make a differece in gameplay?
my specs
intel i5 3570 3.4-3.8 ghz
nvidia geforce gtx 660 2gb gddr5
windows 7, 64 bit
[Image: lhljdGn.png]
My Steam Profile
Intel i7 8086k @ 4.0 ghz | Nvidia Gtx 980ti 6GB | Corsair Vengence pro 16gb DDR4 | WD Blue 1tb + Black 2tb hdd | Samsung 850 Evo 250gb SSD | Windows 10 pro


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Use Scarlett's driver.

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