How to use REshade on Windows 10 with DX11 & DX9
It was said that it is broken however i have found it to be working fine, however i suggest you run REshade with a reasonably powerful and modern video card onboard just won't cut it.

For DX11 just name "reshade32.dll to d3d9 and the DX11 side of GSDX will work.

I could not however get it to fire up with OpenGL but DX11 is a step further than most people got.

Also when renaming Reshade32.dll you need to drop in from the zip file download another copy of "reshade32.dll" or Mediator.exe will not work correctly, this goes for every game or emulator.

Evidence below.

[Image: mDfuQAh.jpg]

Here i did a video of it working on PS1 emulator ePSXe 2.05

The video is purposely encoded at 480P and was recorded at such a resolution to mimic the classic look of PS1 whilst still using enhancements.

Watch fullscreen for full effect.


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