How to use Xbox Series S controller with PCSX2?
Although I have installed PCSX2, BIOS, and games that are functioning properly, I am unable to use my Xbox Series S controller with PCSX2 on my MacBook. Despite successfully connecting the controller via Bluetooth, it does not seem to be functioning  on PCSX2. How can I resolve this issue and successfully play games with my controller?

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There are a few possible solutions to your issue. First, make sure that your Xbox Series S controller is properly configured in PCSX2. Go to the "Config" menu, select "Controllers (PAD)", and then select "Plugin Settings". From there, make sure that "XInput" is selected as the controller type and that the buttons are properly mapped.

If the controller is still not working, try updating the drivers for the controller. You can do this by connecting the controller to your Mac with a USB cable and then opening the Xbox Accessories app. From there, you should be able to download and install any available updates.

Another possible solution is to use a third-party program like Joystick Mapper to map your controller buttons to keyboard keys. This may take some trial and error to get the mapping just right, but it can be an effective solution if other methods are not working.

Lastly, make sure that you are using a stable version of PCSX2, as some beta versions may have compatibility issues with certain controllers. Try downloading the latest stable release and see if that solves the problem. Good luck, and happy gaming!
I understand your frustration with getting your Xbox Series S controller to work with PCSX2 on your MacBook. Here are some steps to help you resolve the issue:
1. Controller Configuration: Make sure you've selected the correct controller plugin in PCSX2 settings, like "Lilypad," and map your controller's buttons correctly.
2. Driver Updates: Ensure your mac OS and controller firmware are up to date for better compatibility.
3. Bluetooth Connection: Check your Bluetooth connection; sometimes, reconnection or restarting Bluetooth can help.
4. Third-Party Software: Consider using third-party apps like "Enjoyable" or "360Controller" to enhance controller recognition.
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