How to use cheats?
How do I add cheats to the games?

I did try out Cheat Engine + code breaker.

With code breaker I run it select the cheat I want then swap disc then click enable cheats but that don't work it crashes on me.

on the screenshot its telling me 2 cheats are enable how do I see that in game?

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These two cheats are only for widescreen support. There are no further cheats active.

Pcsx2 supports natively the pnach format which applies patches similar to cheat engine. Codebreaker codes(encoded) can as well be converted to the pnach system (decoded/raw).

Can you please show the emulog after you tried the codebreaker solution as you did it so far?
ok here it is

right now trying this out

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Ok sorted problem fixed Tongue
Just keep in mind. If you use cheats and you get TLB miss you probably use bad cheats.

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