How to use cheats (because I'm too stupid)
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Okay I know there are ALOT of threads on this but everytime I read one of them I get lost very quickly when you guys mention a pneg file or whatever...can anyone give an extremely simple step by step process of what to do using RAW codes to put in the console (trying to play KH2:FM on critical but keep dying at one part)

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that's the easiest thing you're gonna get unless some one made it for you :

anyway it could be already done search this thread for your game :

( how to search a thread : [Image: attachment.php?aid=38461] )

This guy on Youtube was how I learned cheats/pnach files. All you need is your default text reader. In fact, that would be much preferred over Word or Open Office.
you need the codes that's not the ONLY thing you need ....

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