How to use codebreaker v 10 for final fantasy X
I have the final fantasy X iso, the pcsx2 v 1.0.0. and the codebreaker v 10. I can't get it to work. I run the codebreaker iso, select the cheat, run the final fantasy X iso by swapping and load my saved game but none of the cheats work. Do I need to make a new game or am I doing something wrong. Btw I can't seem to figure out how the whole pnach file works. I did everything the way it should have been done so I after getting frustated with that not working I moved onto this not working. I think the pnach file was because i'm using a notebook laptop and the file wouldn't change from a document to pnach or something. Anyway some nice feedback on how I can cheat would be lovely. Wacko

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to convert it from a document to a pnach file you need to be able to see known extensions. IF you hit Alt then go to Tools-> Folder Options, then under the View tab there will be a tickbox for "hide known extensions". When you've done that you can rename it from .txt or .doc to .pnach.

aside from that, the guides for making working patches can be found here:
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There also happens to be a save editor for FFX, if you are interested:

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