How to use patches?
I know this is a newbie question, so apologies in advance, but I am using 0.9.8 and cant seem to find out how to enable patches... my understanding so far from reading threads is that you save a snippet of code into a XXXX.pnach file, but where do you save it, and how do you point to the patch file in pcsx2?

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The pnach system work the same way as the old gui of pcsx2.
The only difference now is that you have to enabled the pnaches from System=>Enable Cheats and put your pnach files not in pnach folder like it was before but in cheats folder(create it if you don't have the folder)

If you used pnach cheats before,this is the only difference now with the new gui
Thanks. This is my first pcsx2, so I am not sure about the changes. I figured something like that, since most tutorials asked me to go to places that didnt exist anymore like things under "Misc."

So I made a cheats folder in the PCSX2 folder in my documents. And I clicked enable cheats in the system menu. Now I get:

"[wx] can't open file 'cheats\1cc39dbd.pnach' (error 2: the system cannot find the file specified.)"

However, I copied the patch I am using to a notepad document, and then renamed that document to 1cc39dbd.pnach, so it should be found there, if it is looking under the PCSX2 folder.

If it helps, I am trying to get a Suikoden tactics patch to work to skip a scene at the beginning of the game that freezes it.

The file you saved is it really a .pnach file or txt file with ???.pnach.txt name(you don't see the txt).
Also try running pcsx2 as amin
I did both, same results. Running as admin, and also saved it as a .pnach, making sure it wasn't a text. The file is located in "C:\Users\Jake\Documents\PCSX2\cheats" and is named 1cc39dbd.pnach

A related issue (please ignore this if you do not think it is related) may be that I am constantly getting messages that so and so change failed to commit - even though it did. For example, some saved settings. I turned off my av (Nod32) and this went away, but I feel there may be lingering issues.

Thanks for your help Smile
Well, I found a work around by adding portable.ini to the programs directory. it works, although I am a bit scared about what features I might be losing. Sad patches work now, and no more commit problems. Thanks for the help.
The portable.ini if you ask me is way better that the Install way(which you were using).
There is no problem at all to use portable this way everything(settings,memory card,save states,cheats and so on will be in the pcsx2 directory,not in My Documents...which is the reason you have those problems...that Windows UAC service again)

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