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How to use the myMC tool to import/export saves from PCSX2
That doesn't work abdo123, the fix is if you are in windows 7 64bit

Well it worked for me anyway. Now the thing opens at least, testing now.

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If you're using a PS2/USB adapter, what file type will the saves be exported as? Do they need to be converted before importing them onto the PCSX2 memory card?
Thank you for digging that thread up from its tomb. I looked for something like this long ago. It's time to transfer my Resident Evil 4 save from the memory card to my PC.

Btw, I want to know the reason why development team does not fix PCSX2 to support uLaunchELF? Everything is easier with it. Using uLaunchELF I can move the saves to a flash drive but cannot move them to PCSX2 memcard files because uLaunchELF does not boot on PCSX2 at all.
can anyone create an updated gui build with
i tried using this but i get an error saying
This application has failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found.
Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
ive tried running as administrator as stated above but it says the same thing
how can i fix this?

edit: fixed it by installing updates >_>
Hey, I'm having some issues extracting my save for FFXII IZJS because the save file contains Japanese characters.

When I try to export the save Windows changes the Japanese characters into question marks, which are obviously not valid characters in a file name.

I can get round this by simply renaming the file which I can then open in save builder and extract the raw for using in an editor, but the problem then is that I can not re-import that renamed file because mymc calls it an invalid file.

Anything I can do to solve this? I though maybe I could change my system to Japanese temporarily but apparently that option is only available in Ultimate which I don't have.
CODEJUNKIE memycard plus

saving this tute page for future ref. i was looking for a guide like this, and also an appropriate thread to announce my purchase of a 64meg 'memory plus' memory card with build in file transfer software to usb on my ps2 (from code junkies).
i'm wanted to review my take to it so far and say it works, but not as stated:
the memory plus browser starts up on your ps2 if the memory plus card is inserted before power on- if you want to start ps2 as normal you must take it out before power up- then you can put it in to view the cards contents like any standard card. (keep this in mind a minute)
Now here's the thing- i used the mem-plus browser to move saves from my old card to the mem-plus card and it never seems to work- in fact the resulting file list contents were all labelled 'corrupted' and i can't seem to delete them, its like an accidental stain you can't get rid of.
the mem-plus software is included in the list and have yet to successfully back that up yet too- though i did find similar titled software online and it did show on the usb contents when put in the ps2- i wont mess with that though.
i was successful in transferring ps2 saves by selecting my old official ps2 card (in the mem-plus browser) and backing it up to the usb- and viewing those on my pc.
the only way i can transfer my ps2 saves to my mem-plus card has been through the ps2 browser- once done its still not viewable in the mem-plus browser (basically the mem-plus card can be used as a high capacity ps2 card that can transfer saves from other cards to usb, but not from itself- it should work that way, but it doesn't.
if your old card is out of space, and you transferred all the saves to the mem-plus card in the ps2 browser and having used that card for further saves- you would have to delete the saves of your old card and then transfer the newer saves you added to the mem-plus card back to the old ps2 memcard so the mem-pluss software could transfer them to usb.
so its bit screwie but you can get there.
anyone who reads this and is wanting to transfer saves from ps2 to pcsx2 to consider getting the action replay usb instead- i might get it if i have money burn and wished i got it instead so i could play region code dvd's too- i just figured as the usb would not let you save game saves to it during play, the mem-plus would be butter but you loose out unless you buy both it seems.
prepare to feel a little ripped off.
I am necrobumping this thread. Why? Because I think it is a really great tutorial. It's obviously helped a lot of folks, over 10k people have downloaded the blank memory cards. So I am bumping it so that those who may not know about it can learn about it.
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
Is there anyway to export save data off a unformatted memory card
(02-04-2014, 06:22 AM)Zemedy Wrote: Is there anyway to export save data off a unformatted memory card

You cannot,you have to formatt first,its to easy and fast,anyway no one can use a unfformated memory card.

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