How to work Final Fantasy X-2 with pcsx2 0.9.6?
Hello guy!

at your opinion how work Final Fantasy X-2 with pcsx2 0.9.6?
I don't try it but with this specs in my sign at your opinion FF X-2 work with my PC and which config?
MotherBoard:P965 Platinium Series MS-7238(V1.x)
Cpu:Intel Core Duo 6300 @1,86 Ghz
SVGA:GeForce 7100 GS [128 mega(512 chace memory)]
Ram:2,00 Giga

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I dont expect much but try 0.9.6 with gsdx 0.1.14 sse2 or sse4
to make the most out of your pc
and set the graphic plugin to nativ resolution because of the GF 7100GS
I'm not sure what you mean to ask but I think you want to know how the game will perform on your system.
Actually your system is pretty slow in case of cpu as well as graphics card.
So the game will not work very well. It will run but will be slow.
Rest all, you will have to try it for yourself.

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