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How two Splitscreen 2 monitors
Can someone tell me how to splittscreen racing games on two different Displays? One is running on 1280x1024 and the other one got 1920x1080.


ATI HD 5970
2x xbox 360 Controller
1x vga
1x dvi


I can run a secondary or third pc System with any Problems. I have much old parts here. Does that maybe help?

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if the game hasn't been made to do so, you can't
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Arrange the two monitors to align vertically in the Screen Resolution options (Right click in Desktop > Screen Resolution),
Make sure to have the display option on "Extend Display" instead of "Duplicate",
Then while PCSX2 is windowed, have half of the window in screen 1, and the other half in screen 2 (depending on which monitor you assigned as the top and bottom)

You would then have had split the game window across two screens.

assuming that the type of splitscreen that racing games use is horizontal splitscreen (top/bottom), but if it's vertical (left/right), then align your monitors in the Screen Resolution settings accordingly.
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