How well will my system perform
I have an i5 6500 locked at 3.2ghz but will boost up to 3.6 and I have a gtx 780 3gb model. I haven't decided on ram yet but will I be able to get decent frame rates for monkey ball and ratchet and clank?

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Best way to know is to try it out.

I have a Intel i5 4670k @ 4.2GHz and a GTX 750 Ti 2GB and at least for Ratchet and Clank it runs smooth.
Thats a pretty decent system since its a newer i5 which is where PCSX2 needs the power aka the 780 won't be holding back the emulator at all unless you try to go for insanely high internal resolutions. Should be perfectly fine at 3x-4x which is around 1080p. So your system is perfectly suitble for PCSX2 and for Dolphin for that matter if you want to give that one a try.
You're not spec'd bad at all.

I used to run an i3-3240 - which has a slightly weaker stp of 1800 vs yours in the 1900. Ran that with an gtx750 ti oc 2gb (the asus card in my signature actually) and didn't have any problems with the games I currently own.. For most games, you should be fine at 1080p (approximately, 4x native ) in most games. You will encounter games that wont run at full speed.. Shadow of the Collossus being one. I hear Ratchet and Clank are one of the more demanding games, but they supposedly run well under the current 1.5 builds.

That said, my taste in games tends towards the less processor intensive set (final fantasy x, x-2, xii, .hack, etc) so I cant say for certain. I have tried SoC in my i7 machine which is slightly stronger than your machine, at between 2050 and 2100 stp, and I can maintain ROUGHLY 55fps-60 fps (I'm processor bound there, my gpu seems happy at 3x IF I remember my testing right.. been a while and I no longer have the game to test with).

That 780 is a good step up from my 750, so I cannot imagine you running into any issues at 4x and below. Your processor is roughly 1900-1950 stp, so it should be able to run most every game you throw at it (with certain notable exceptions of course..)
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