How will games run?
I have a AMD Phenom quad core 9150e 1.8Ghz, I know how pcsx2 only uses 2 of the cores. For my video card right now I have a geforce 6800 base model installed when I run Final Fantasy XII and Persona 4 I get a steady 40fps usually, It can hit %100 60fps at certain scenes where rendering is easy just like any game. So anyway my question is how much better will my PCSX2 games run on my machine if I upgrade my video card on this machine? Lets say I put a video card in thats a Geforece 9800GTX or better how much better will my performance get? Cuz basically im getting this card just for the emulator to run at a steady playable rate but i dont know if this big video card upgrade will actually make a big difference in PCSX2. So any help here guys? I know how people say having a fast 2 cpu cores is more important but id have to imagine that my video card has to partially be to blame and that if I put a powerful modern card in it, it would make these games playable.

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PCSX2 takes very much from the CPU and theres a 3.2 Ghz machine recommended. So it could be a problem of you CPU. Upgrading your video could get you higher FPS, but you cant hit Full Speed with it.
Many games running full speed. o.O
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well i guess that is the question how much more fps do you think slapping in a 9800GTX and up would get me? Cuz I must say the performance I get right now is really borderline playable i just need a lil more.
I guess you'll get that speed bump you need. It would also help to overclock that cpu.
So a new gpu + that overclock and you should be fine. (I'm guessing you have speedhacks enabled.)

You can also test this yourself:
Set GSdx's "D3D internal res" to 600 * 600 and check performance.
Then set it to 800 * 800 (or 1024 * 1024) and check again.
If it's slower already, then you're severely limited by your GPU, and replacing it will help a lot.
not sure a new GPU will help.

Your real bottleneck is your CPU here (1.8ghz is slow)
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Persona 4 needs a really fast CPU when scenes with multiple chars happen, 1.8GHz is really not enough.

Do you have windows Vista/7? I doubt the card change would help at all if you're on XP.
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haha ok guys this morning i tried running FFXII on my bros pc which is the exact same as mine except that he has a Geforce 9800GTX and yes the game ran no different like nothing at all. The thing is i didnt get to run my main pcsx2 emulator 9.5 which seems to run alot better than 9.6 but still i dont think i would have got 60fps. So here the next question what do you guys think about me upgrading my cpu to a Phenom II X4 3.0Ghz? heres the link

do you think this would run me at 60fps? and no i cant overclock my cpu my motherboard cant do it
Your CPU at stock should be able to play most games at 60Fps. Some of the more complex ones, maybe not. You might have to OC a little bit. Probably to like 3.2-3.4Ghz. Which Mainboard do you have? There should be some options for a minor OC.

if you plan on OC'ing to 3.2Ghz, you should be fine on stock cooling. Anymore than that, I would recommend an after market cooler as these CPU's tend to have a high TDP and high heat. With your current GPU however, you may want to tick native on the resolution settings for GSDX as that card is a bit outdated.
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I have a similar processor (only black edition with 1 core disabled) OCed to 3.4-3.8ghz (depending on what I'm doing) and it works great. Even without overclocking most games should run fine on that CPU.

The phenom I processors were simply garbage... It was a stall tactic by AMD. They had to release a quad core to keep the image of remaining competitive at the time. The Phenom IIs however (which what you linked is) are much much better. Probably 20-30% faster clockrate to clockrate and all of the phenom II's come higher clocked and much better at overclocking. So yes, I'd recommend them especially since you probably won't have to change motherboards to use it.
my computer is a Gateway DX4200-09 it has a Systemboard with AMD® 780G Chipset, so it cant overclock right being a gateway? I remember some months ago checking to make sure and im pretty sure i couldnt change anything but i dont know you guys probably know alot more about OCing then me.

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