Huge lag with Ventura 13.1
So I recently dowloaded and set up everything for the first time on my MacBook pro 13inch from 2017.

was aware that it wasn't gonna be the smoothest experience, but today after I updated my system any game I go to play has started to lag massively. like practically unplayable. I don't know if it's the set up I've done or what's going on bt I'm hoping someone can help and it's not just this update that f#cked me.

I've tried resetting the config, and un/reinstalling everything. no luck.

please help <3

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macOS got slow after Ventura not sure exactly after which update or from the start. 17 years of mac user this "never" happened to me and I am kind of bummed out. Hope it's a glitch that I can fix. Any good tools (free or paid) you can recommend help me resolve the issue?

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