Huge slow down issues - 3 games tested
I've tried adjusting the EE Cyclerate and the VU Cycle Stealing settings but to no success

PCSX2 1.4.0

Games tested: Legend of Spyro 1 & 2 and Okami
Config and Gameplay Screenshots No shot's of Spyro 1.

Computer setup 
CPU: Intel i7-5775C / MoBo: MSI Z97 GAMING / RAM: Avexir Blitz 1.1 Series
16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 / Boot Drive: AMD 120 GB SSD / Storage Drive: WD
6TB Black HDD / Video Card: XFX R9 270X Double Dissipation / PSU:
Thermaltake SMART 650W 80+ B / OS: Windows 10

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What are your GSdx settings,did you tried the latest beta
Your pc is more that powerful enough for those games but there must be some reason why it's working that slow

In Spyro,try disabling MTVU speed hack(the VU at 99% usually indicates that the game don't like that hack)and with Okami is the opposite...the EE goes almost twice up if I disable MTVU
Were can I find the GSdx settings?
Config=>Video (GS)=>Plugins Settings
GSdx screenshot added to album.
Did you tried disabling MTVU or/and the latest beta.
I just tried Okami and that game works fine with your settings
Album updated

Also the BIOS I'm using is: USA V02.30(20/02/2008)

Edit: Uploaded snaps of the new builds config at the bottom of the album.
Hmm no idea,I have to set my cpu(yours is in the same STP category as mine)to more than half speed(1.6GHz)to start loosing speed and the EE to become 99%
Even forcing pcsx2 to use only one core(with MTVU disable),still gives me plenty fps above 60

Can you post a memory card save for both games
Here you go:
Maybe it's has to do with my PC's settings?

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