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Hyperspin and PCSX2
Noob issue, Im sure: So I have been trying to get it working within hyperspin, and I am getting close but still having problems. It will load my games fine if it is set to "plugin" mode and I have that particular game mounted through the plugins. If I try to load it up through "iso" mode (which is what I need for it to be able to load the correct game without just a singl one being mounted in the plugin), it gives me the error, "CDVD plugin failed to open. Your computer may have insufficient ressources, or incompatible hardware/drivers." Outside of hyperspin everything works perfectly in "iso" mode. Help, please? I am running version 1.0.

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I don't understand your problem, this part mainly:
Quote:(which is what I need for it to be able to load the correct game without just a singl one being mounted in the plugin),

You said it works fine when you're using a plugin so why not keep using that?
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Well when using the front end (hyperspin), if it is on the "plugin" mode, I can only play whatever game is mounted in that plugin. I have a few different games that I have backed up to play in hyperspin and if it is set to "plugin" mode, I cannot toggle between games through the front end. (e.g. if I have MGS mounted through a plugin, I cannot play Shadow of the Colossus unless I quit hyperspin and manually unmount MGS and mount SoC.) In ISO mode, I am able to point the front end to my folder with my backup ISOs and it will load whichever ISO I pick from the front end which is in that folder.
Oh I just realized that hyperspin is a frontend and not a PS2 game Tongue
Do you have your ISO files mounted in any virtual drives? If so unmount them and try again
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Haha, not a problem. No, nothing is mounted anywhere else. Like I said, outside of the front end, it works perfectly on ISO mode, I can't understand why I am getting the error message. Is there a way to set PCSx2 to automatically clear its game history or something like that? The only thing I can think of is that it is trying to pull up the last game played and is considering it "mounted" because it was the last game played on the emulator...
Hm since it works ok outside the frontend the only other conclusion is that it's a bug with the frontend and not PCSX2....
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It's definitely something between the front end saying "Ok, load this ISO" and pcsx2 saying "nope, there is already an ISO loaded and it's not that one...I'll just give you this error message instead". Because when I do it outside of the frontend, I am manually picking the ISO to load through the menu, which "un-highlights" the previous ISO and "highlights" the current one in the menu. I now think that I need for it to clear any memory upon exiting of the last ISO loaded, so all menus are blank when I try to load the next ISO. We got this, any ideas?
If I just delete the [RecentIso] line in the .ini file, will that prevent it from keeping any record?
You can do that by modifying the PCSX2_ui.ini file and clearing everything under the [RecentIso] tag
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What if I delete the command [RecentIso]? Will that prevent it from keeping a record?

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