went window shopping for ideas for birthday present and when i checked eb game(gamestop)'s ps2 used container, i saw ryagar~~(YESSSS)

the game runs fine right?(if any of u played it b4?) because i am prob gonna pick it up today

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Rygar: The Legendary Adventure? By the wiki like you can see, it requires mpeg skip hack from manual game fixes to skip the logo which otherwise freezes the game before it even start;P, but maybe it's not needed anymore in latest version. And the MTvu speedhack probably also decreases the requirements as well, soo as long as you have any decent pc it should work fine.:]
Edit: lols didn't notice I failed closing the url tag ;F
never heard of Rygar(Lynx,Ps2,Sega) being called Ryagar anywhere before.
Well game database doesn't even have Ryagar;P, but google shows "Ryagar - The Legendary Adventure" on some sitesTongue.
IIrc this was a favorite of Jake Stine Tongue2
where the game is under the compatiability list but its jap version (Argos no senshi/Warrior of Argos)
Too bad no NTSC version, does that mean nobody tested this game? (as far as different region goes)...
Meh i am gonna see how it goes then
If you check official english name of the "Argos no senshi" you'll see it's Rygar, not Ryagar;P, so read my first reply to this thread again and/or check compatibility list for a proper english name.
Rygar was one of those hidden gems that came before GoW but was almost exactly like it. It never got the exposure it deserved at the time.

Picked up an old copy ages ago for $3. PAL Version. The game worked flawlessly for me. I played through about a 3rd of the game with no problems.

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