I Got NFL2k5 Running 55 FPS
I have nfl 2k5 running in the resoultion 144x874 at 55 FPS. However to keep the game running in and out of games you have to adjust plugins prior to exiting game and while in game to get the frame rate at 55..I will post pics of settings in game and in menuBiggrin

In game settings:                        

In menu settings to actually get into a game:                        

In Game Screen Shot:    

Save States are required game hangs at times

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I'll be damned....you figured it out.

It actually hung for me once or twice on the last loading screen before the game starts but I can definitely confirm that this method DOES work in getting the game to load. Congratulations! It seems to me that the key is the settings used in the menu slow down the game enough to the point where the gameplay assets finish loading before the Chris Berman "intro" video causes the game to hang. You then change the settings back to normal and the game runs fine. I'm not sure it's 55 fps, but it's plenty playable. Great work!

Now I just need to find some updated rosters.
Thank you sir..If you need updated rosters head over to operationsport.com they have them there in their forums .
This game with all the texture hacks at 1920x1440 resolution (4:3 native for my monitor) looks freaking amazing!

Runs fantastic too. Just have to alter the settings to bypass the intro movies and such, and do a save state once you're in the menu screen and then you can use whatever emulator settings you want.

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