I LOVE PCSX2 ;) ATLAST i can play FF10/X...Please help with cheats!
HI folks. This emulator is AWESOMEEE.
I recently played through FF9. Its a really really good game.
Now last days i have tried FFX. And it works like a charm.
But i want to try some cheats.

Whats the easiest way?
I was gonna start with max hp/mp...
And gil.

And i where thinking about using this one.

Is that the most easy way? Os there ready .pnach files for ffx already?
Please help me out with this. And THANKS to the developers of this emulator and all.
Kind regards,

After some reading...
My game is PAL. And my number: DD 22 64 EA 36 38 80 FD AE 38 1A 70 64 CC C8 3C 63 03 A7 20

...But redlofs guide dont work with pal? German codes.?

Maybe this is my best bet:

But i ask you experts instead. Thanks again.
Should be easy to put in some cheats in pcsx2? The best thing would be to just put in codebreaker codes in the emulator...
But maybe thats not built into this version.

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You could always try the FFX save editor:

As for your problem, maybe you didn't try codes for your version of the game. Codetwink for example only has cheats for the NTSC version as far as I know.
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(10-06-2010, 04:20 AM)AFX3D Wrote: Whats the easiest way?
I was gonna start with max hp/mp...
And gil.

Easiest way is FFXED.
(10-06-2010, 06:12 AM)fuzzymillipede Wrote:
(10-06-2010, 04:20 AM)AFX3D Wrote: Whats the easiest way?
I was gonna start with max hp/mp...
And gil.

Easiest way is FFXED.

I second this, I used FFXED and you can edit virtually everything... This was a HUGE surprise for me since I figured the game had no 'cheats' on PS2 when I used to play it on PS2 and I figured the same probably would apply for PCSX2 unless you used Cheat Engine or some other memory editor. Well guess what?!? Almost anything can be edited, even things you would never think you would use, like whether is Wantz is in Macalania or not.
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PCSX2 FTW! Biggrin
Either that, or you can find the pnach file for FFX - your region. Convert the codebreaker codes to RAW format and insert them into the pnach folder like this : patch=1,EE,code,word,code
Thanks folks for the replys.
Well, i did try FFXED yesterday, and its wicked.!!!

I first tried with just 80 potions. And gil. Worked well. Then i tried max all stats, all abilities ect. Got 999999 everything, and all overdrives. hah.
But its not that fun i guess. Im only in the beggining atm.
Where i meet the summoner. And when the ship is about to take off.

So the fight with her guardian, was like one hit.
So i will reverse everything and maybe just get the main character to 2000 hp.
Something like that. Its way to easy with this maxed out cheating system.

Anyways. I will go with FFX3D. Wink
And have a backup of the original saving state.
Thanks for this emulator and forum, apps and soo on.. Cheers.

this is how I do conversions between regions, seems to work fine lol

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