I Need Help Please!!
I have the emulator and Bios installed and working correctly. I just don't know how to get games to play on said emulator. I have Kessen 2 and To be honest that all I want to play. Do i need to take the files off of it or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Make an image (ISO file) of the disc with ImgBurn.

Navigate to the ISO using the Iso Selector under the CDVD menu.

Choose to Boot CDVD (fast) under the System menu.
thank you so much!i'll see if i can figure it out.
I made a copy do u know what it saves them under?
I downloaded PCSX2 do you know what I saved them under?
I have no clue what the "default location" would be.
To be honest, I thought you had to manual select a destination for the file.

One sure-fire way to find out would be to proceed like you're making the ISO file again. Pay attention to where it's trying to put it (i.e. like if it asks if you want to overwrite).

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