I am having a problem with nocturne it keeps crashing when I enter the hospital
At the begining of the game when you are suppose to go to the hospital the game crashes on me the screen goes grey and nothing happens. I have the game set to EE round mode nearest,

I have speed hack 1.5x cycle on, with enable intc sync hack on and IOP x2 cycle rate on, VU cycle stealing on, status flag hack on, i have multi thread GS off.

I have using the latest released beta 1329. What could be the problem?

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Disable IOP x2 cycle rate that should do it (worked for me at least), always try games that crash without the speedhacks Tongue

Are you using microVU?
no not using microVU i finally got it to work but your right, IOPX2 was the problem.

*Sigh* What's the point of asking for support before even trying the game without speed hacks which you know break games?
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