I am not up do date
There is a while since i was here, i have been waiting for updates so i could run FFXII better.

Original thread: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2974-page-1.html
Im still using this config.

So i am wondering if there are any plugins updates i should get, or anything new in particular i should know to maximize the performance of said game.

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If you want to play FFXII better, enable NATIVE option in GSdx config.
download latest plugins from Here
Of course, it runs almost perfectly on native.
But the resolution is... not worth mentioning.
for me, its OK, as long as it runs.
well i do play f12 ok with 1440x900 or 2880x1800 internal res , it just goes to 47-50 ( no speed hacks ) sometimes nothing big , and err basch quickening that messes with the sound but after seeing it , its understandable , the rest of other chars for what i've seen dont even drop 1 fps when doing theirs

but ofc its on vista with dx10 gsdx , specs are on my signature ,
CPU - [PHENOM 9950 BE 3.0 GHZ | GFX - [Evga 260GTX]
OS - [Vista 64 Business] | RAM - [4GB Gskill 1066Mhz]

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