I can't make sense out of this config...
I'm new to using this emulator.

After getting everything to work (including my PS3 controller), I started up Ratchet and Clank 3 (With an ISO created from my own game disc).

At first sight it seemed all right, but when the actual game started, I had textures that just didn't load and it was quite slow...

I tried making sense out of the Configuration guide but failed...
I think I managed to set my Video settings right since it upped the speed a bit.

These are my specs:
[Processor] AMD Athlon II X4 635 2,90GHz
[Graphics Card] XFX ATi Radeon HD5770
[RAM] G.Skill Value 4096Mb DDR3

And this is what my game looks like Tongue2:
[Image: lagk.png]

Any ideas what I should do with my configuration?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Have you tried Speedhacks?

Why don't you post your video settings (as you've changed them)?
Direct3D11 (hardware)
Native Resolution

^My video settings.

I haven't tried speedhacks.
Ok. Give the Speedhacks a try. They are located at:

Config -> Emulation Settings -> Speedhacks

If this is all a lot for you to take in at this time, give the Preset option on the bottom a try. It's pretty straight-forward, and should definitely help with speed.
When I put it on the fifth config, it almost feels like I would be playing the game like normal, although my textures still don't load when they're too far away :s.
Cutscenes and overall speech are abnormally fast though Tongue2.
I already tried someone else's config but that made it even worse
Fast? You mean exceeding 60fps?

On your graphic bugs, my first thoughts go to Software rendering. This may come out cleaner as far as graphics issues, but may prove to be slower.
Fast as in sped-up, think chipmunk voices. (Not actually that bad though Tongue2)

I'll try that out tomorrow, thanks for all the help so far!
have you tried to test the dx 9 plugin? also the graphic cards settings in your catalyst control center (like antialising and stuff like that if it is activated by app / game or completely off)?
This game in particular suffers from massive slowdowns.

At the top of the title bar, both the EE and GS will read high percentages, and level 3 of VU Cycle Stealing will cause the game to run at *60 FPS*.

However, even at 60 FPS, it will experience massive slowdowns.

The graphics are perfectly fine on software mode.

This is all I know in particular about the game. My recommendation is to continue to play it on your console. Good luck.
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I have everything...
You will need to use a (Software) renderer for the textures, will be even slower tho.
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