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I can't play my games directly from the game DVD.
I just got the emulator and well I tried to test it with a game, since I thought it said you could play directly from the dvd.

I will probably try the ISO or whatever method, but I was perfering to use the actual disk, but when I try to play it I get, this message:
[wx] can't open file 'D:\' (error 3: the system cannot find the path specified.)
File could not be created.Path: D:\

Can someone tell me either how to fix that or at least what that means so I can try to find out how to fix it through research, Thank you in advance.

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If playing from the game DVD, You need to set the DVD plugin to gigahertz, then make sure you select plugin as source.
Still, best would be to make an iso off your DVD.
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Okay thank you. I'll try both I'm glad it seems like something so easy to fix.

actually one more thing where would the dvd setings be XD?
Settings > plugins/BIOS > CDVD > settings > source drive.
ISOs are the recommended method of storage here because of loading speeds and because your DVD can get damaged, so it's safer
thanks both of you.

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