I can't save on Persona 4.
I'm playing persona 4 for 2 hours but I can't save my game. I'm playing the game with save states for now, but I want to play with real saves. Is there a auto-save or I missed a saving spot or something like that. I can't even find the save by going in the title screen without closing the game. I'm also new to PCSX2, so I'm sorry if the anwser is obvious. Unsure

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I just found out how to save in the game.You can save the game by the calender at your home. I'm such an idiot.
Glad you realised the error of your ways Tongue2
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#fail Tongue LOL

Anyways, have fun, and I hope you know I'm just joking around.
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And you can save in that "shiny butterflies" such as the one in the corner of your classroom.

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