I can't see the floor on FFX
Hi, i've downloaded Final Fantasy X to emulate it with PCsx 2.0 9.6 (i have the bios, plugins, patches...), i run the game with the iso file but when i start a new game (and in the begining video) i can't see the floor... everything is OK but the floor it's missing, i have no speed hacks activated, i use the graphic plugin GSdx 890 (MV 15.00, SSE 3.0) with this config:
resolution: 1680x1050
render: Dx10
shader: 3.0
interlacing: none
aspect: 16:9
D3D internal resolution: 1680x1050
SW rend: 1

NLOOP HACK, texture filtering, logarithmic Z and Alpha correction activaded

game runs at 60 fps (100%) so i don't have hardware problems and i have latest drivers installed...
Anyone knows why i can't see the floor?

And... i have the original game too (in a dvd) but when i select run from a dvd/cd it's request an iso... how can i run the game from my dvd?

PD:I'm not english, i'm spanish so don't be very technical when explaining

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Are you sure the NLOOP hack is enabled? A black check not a gray one? That should fix it.

Try downloading the latest beta from the downloads forum. It comes with the latest gsdx plugin as well and the problem should be fixed.
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I can't remember the specific fix, but your settings seem mostly OK.

For settings which work with FF X as perfectly as they can with PCSX2, check out the link in my signature for recommended settings.
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(09-11-2009, 07:44 PM)euforia Wrote: Hi, i've downloaded Final Fantasy X...

Bad start, check our rules Tongue

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