I cant get Metal Gear Solid 3 to run properly
Hi, i just recently downloaded pcsx2 and i have everything configured and working properly. i can get the emulator to run and to bring me to the main ps2 menu.

my problem is that i either hit execute or run CD to run the .iso form of MGS3 and it does nothing. it will not start up the game and i am unsure why.

the only thing i can think of is that i have to run the TLB version of pcsx2 because it said i did not have sufficient physical memory.

any help is appreciated.


p.s. if it helps here are my specs
AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+
2.19GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM
GeForce 9600 GSO

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TLB version? How old is your version of pcsx2? At least run 0.9.6 stable...

That said, MGS3 is one of the hardest to emulate PS2 games, one that has scenes I can't get full speed on my PC... Your system will not get anywhere near playable... We're talking MAYBE 1/4th speed even if you do get the game loading on your PC.

In fact, I hate to say this but your PC probably couldn't emulate any PS2 game at full or even close to full speed. That said, if you're still dead set on trying, I again recommend upgrading to PCSX2 0.9.6 or the latest beta (revision 1888).

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