I cant get PCSX2's sound to play through my speakers.
Using my headset, sound plays well. But When I try to use the speakers, it simply won't sound. 
It doesn't happen with any other software, only in PCSX2

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Make sure you didn't accidentally mute pcsx2 in your main speakers volume mixer settings. Right click on sound icon in the task bar with pcsx2 running and headphones not plugged in and click "open volume mixer" then check what app's sound level it's set to, it will be one of the sliders... you may have to start playing a game that outputs sound for it to show up.
PCSX2 just uses your default sound output. There shouldn't be a need to adjust settings in the sound plugin, I found that leaving them as default works best every time.

Also, unless there's specific need to stick around on old release, just move to latest dev build

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